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➳ game mechanics ┈┈・

premise & setting | inside the arena | the capitol | disclaimer

➳ welcome ┈┈・ Welcome to The Games. We're glad you're here to take a look around! You may notice that there is a quite a bit of information to read, but we ask you to bare with us. We strive to make this game as player-friendly as we can, and while this IS a game based on the world created in The Hunger Games series, we are aiming for this to be as inclusive to players from any fandom or creation!

The information found here - we hope - should be enough to immerse you into the world of The Games, regardless of whether or not you have read the novels or watched the movies.

So without further delay, welcome to

game premise | game setting

Katniss Everdeen's spark has set the world of Panem on fire, and the Capitol has been scrambling to beat down the flames ever since. President Snow is presented with two options if he's not to lose everything: Crush the rebellions with force, or pacify their anger. And when you have been murdering people's children for almost 75 years, that is no small task.

However, the Hunger Games cannot just end. The Capitol expects them, thrives off them, and although Snow is willing to pacify the Districts, he won't be seen as weak. He refuses to let them to forget what is waiting for them if they ever make one misstep, and now, it will be on their minds every day.

Behind closed doors, he has the best minds of Panem scrambling. Buried deep in one of the mountains of District 2, a technology of the old people was found. Those in the past had never been able to find the last piece of the puzzle between what they knew and what they thought they knew, but Snow's people can.

And have.

Now they can pull Tributes from all worlds, all realities, and all times. Unlimited Tributes, and not a drop of Panem's blood will be shed to fuel the rebellion's power. And the Capitol's power, its force, can be broadcast all day, every day.

Now the Hunger Games never have to stop.

Let the 75th Hunger Games begin!

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Game Setting.
  • Setting: The Capitol of Panem (of The Hunger Games series)

  • Timeline: After Katniss and Peeta's joined victory in the 74th Hunger Games, the 75th Hunger Games are about to begin - this game should be considered to be an alternative plot line to the novel, Catching Fire

  • Characters Permitted: Original. Pan-fandom. Canon (major and minor of any fandom of your choosing, including Hunger Games canon), original, fandom original (oc), alternate universe (au)

  • Style of Play: Community-based, jamjar; restricted to the Capitol of Panem and the Capitol-controlled Arenas. Log-Heavy.

  • Overarching plot?: Yes

  • Frequent events?: Yes

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arena information | the cornucopia | death rolls |deaths in the arena

➳ inside the arena┈┈・ Our log community specifically for activity inside the Arenas of The Games is [community profile] thearena and is accessible to active Tributes only.

Arena Information.

Each Arena lasts approximately 2 months, depending on pace, theme and players of each Arena. There always will be a "downtime" between each Arena where all characters are present in the Capitol.

If you are joining the game with a new character that is from ANY OTHER FANDOM OUTSIDE HUNGER GAMES CANON you will be participating as a Tribute in the newest Arena. Your character will continue to be a Tribute until they are crowned as a Victor, or they petition to be released from the Games and put to "better use" as a citizen of the Capitol.

Before each Game Cycle begins, the Gamemakers will post to the Out Of Character Community - [community profile] thegamesooc - information regarding the upcoming Arena. There, players both new and old will be able to get a feel for what settings, dangers and supplies their characters are going to land themselves in.

Whatever is the most current Arena Post will always be linked in the navigation header of [community profile] thearena for player's convenience.

Current Arena:

Arena History:

The Cornucopia.
In all Arena Posts, there will be a thread for characters who plan to run for the cornucopia. If that's your character style, post to that thread with what your character will be going for, given the list provided in the Arena Post.

Gamemakers will use a random number generator to decided their success (Death; life but no success; or success and what they managed to grab.) Your character will have a 20% chance of death if they chose to go for the cornucopia, because it's called a bloodbath for a reason.

So why risk it?

Every week, Death Rolls will be made. Along with the Tributes slated to be rolled for that week based upon their character score, a random assortment of higher scored Tributes will be rolled for death, too. It doesn't matter how strong you are if you have no weapons to hunt and fight with or food to sustain you!

If you go for the cornucopia, your character will be immune to being rolled for until it is your week. That is to say, they will not be included among the random assortment of higher-scored Tributes at any time.

SPECIAL NOTE: Cornucopia results are all rolled at once, because there is often a limit on supplies and we don't want the first repliers to be the ones to get all the rewards. As such, YOU MUST REPLY TO THE CORNUCOPIA THREAD BY THE TIME DESIGNATED ON THE ARENA INFORMATION POST. Results will be given before the opening of the Arena.

Death Rolls.
All Death Rolls are made by the Gamemakers using a random number generator (RNG) and a general weekly schedule determined by characters gamemaker scores, and cornucopia results if applicable.

Fridays, before 11:59 P.M. EST, during the run of the Arena, Gamemakers will post the results of the newest Death Roll. This post will display the images of the previous week's deaths, provide a list of all those the RNG has selected to die sometime within the week following the post, and also give the name of any character still inside the Arena.

This post also provides a list of available supplies and their current cost for the week, as well as a price it will cost for characters to someone out of their scheduled death roll, if they so choose.

The when, how and why any character dies, we leave entirely up to you and your fellow cast mates. We encourage everyone to use these posts to plot character deaths, whether it is your character up for elimination, or your character who will be doing the eliminating.

You can view all The Games' past death rolls: here.

General Game Cycle Schedule.

    Game Cycle Week 1: Activity Check is posted. ALL current players are required to check in.
    Game Cycle Week 2: Information about next Arena is posted. Interested characters have until Wednesday to opt in for the Cornucopia.
    Game Cycle Week 3/Arena Week 1: Arena opens. Those who were unsuccessful at the cornucopia are eliminated.
    Arena Week 2: First Death Roll - Anyone scoring a 4 or below are rolled for elimination.
    Arena Week 3: Second Death Roll - 4's and 5's plus those remaining from the last round.
    Arena Week 4: Third Death Roll - 5's and 6's, plus those remaining from the last round.
    Arena Week 5: Fourth Death Roll - 7's and 8's plus those remaining from the last round.
    Arena Week 6: Fifth Death Roll - 9's and 10's, plus those remaining from the last round.
    Arena Week 7: Sixth Death Roll - 11's and 12's plus those remaining from the last round.
    Arena Week 8: Seventh Death Roll - Finale week. A Winner is named.
    **No new Tributes will be released during finale week.

Please keep in mind that this is a general death schedule and not a set-in-stone rule. There may be some Arenas where this schedule is not used at all, or may depend on Gamemaker discretion and/or circumstances in-game.

That now said, it IS a set-in-stone rule that if your character is scheduled for death in a death roll post, they must die. Even if they have a score of 12 and are rolled for a death in week 2. Unless, of course, another character has enough credits to save you and are kind enough to help you out.**

**See more information on credits|activity

Arena Deaths.
Arena deaths are not permanent. Any non-Hunger Games character who dies within the Arena will reappear back in the Capitol, 1-3 days after their Arena death, in the exact same condition as they arrived to Panem their very FIRST TIME. (I.E. The canon-point you brought them from.)

Arena deaths my happen in many ways. As previously stated, if your character is listed among those up for elimination during the weekly Death Roll Post, they DO have to die. But don't think that's the only way to go! You are free to kill your character inside the Arena at any time you wish - you don't have to wait to be rolled. It is also possible that a Gamemaker will randomly throw an unannounced death at you, depending on your character's circumstance or Arena-relevant location.

    ATTENTION TRIBUTES: Currently, the Capitol is paying Tributes for each kill they make inside the Arena! 100 Assi per kill!

➳Death by Natural Causes.
Exposure, sickness, dehydration, starvation, drowning, falling, accidental or basically anything that doesn't have to do with another Tribute or the 'powers that be.'

➳Death by Tribute.
The Capitol's favourite to watch. We strongly encourage this one. The more dramatic, the better! Death by Tribute is pretty self explanatory... one Tribute kills another; the crowds back in the Capitol cheer.

When playing out this type of death you must plot (but not necessarily thread out) this with other players. The only exception is death of/by and NPC Tribute.

**There are currently no NPC Tributes in-game.

➳Death by Gamemaker:
The Gamemakers may occasionally spring deaths on you. These will usually be Arena-specific, such as a shark attack or a surprise earthquake. Be careful where you go! Some Arenas are loaded with traps designed specifically to kill you.

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the training center | city life

➳ the capitol┈┈・ Our log community specifically for the Capitol is [community profile] thecapitol and is accessible to all active characters who are not currently inside The Arena.

The Training Center.
After your death in the Arena, your body will be exhumed by Peacekeepers and brought back to the Training Center. Within 1-3 days (Depending on how gory your death was) you will find yourself restored to the exact state you originally arrived in. No matter what happened to you in the Arena, you will be exactly as you were when you entered Panem the first time. No scars, bruises, bumps, or even a headache.

From now, until the opening of the next Arena, your new home is the Training Center. You will find your suite on the floor number associated with whatever District you were assigned upon arrival. So, if you were assigned to District 3, your suite will be found on Level 3, and you will share a common living room, kitchen, dining area and lounge with all other characters associated with that district.

**For more details about the Training Center, please refer to this post.

But it isn't all bad here. The suites are lavish and beautiful; everything you want in the palm of your hand. Food and drink flow freely, your clothing is all extravagant and tailor-made for you, personally. A stylist and their assistants will get you ready every morning, wanting you to always look your best. And you shall be waited on, day or night, hand and foot, by the Capitol's friendly, albeit very quiet helpers, the Avoxes. The Capitol treats its Tributes well when they aren't being slaughtered!

While in the Capitol, you are free to do as you please. Attend all the VIP parties you are no doubt getting invites to (because everyone wants a Tribute or 8 on their guest list), see what all this rebellion stuff is, work with your stylist, train yourself for the next round, or curl up in your room and cry! You have a credit line from the Capitol to do as you please.

Just remember. Being an Avox is far from the worst the Capitol has up it's sleeve. And it doesn't take kindly to traitors. And if you die here, in the Capitol? Well, let's just say it isn't anything like dying in the Arena. Because if you die here, you have lost your entertainment value and they have no reason to bring you back...

City Life.
A guide to Capitol locations can be found here.

The Games will be an ever-present background, and although exciting, the Capitol isn't used to them being so ongoing. It may just be a touch draining for these poor Capitol viewers, having so much excitement going on for them all the time! Their lives are just so rough.

Please remember if you are playing a Capitol native, or interacting with a Capitol NPC their mindset is going to be drastically different than that of most characters. This is a celebratory way of life for them. The Games are exiting and entertaining, even romantic and glamorous at times. Sort of like a bloodier American Idol. If you choose to play a Capitol Citizen character that disagrees with the Games, they are going against their culture and should be played as such. They would also be saying very dangerous things and remember: blatant disrespect to the Capitol will be punished, and there are eyes and ears everywhere.

Which just means you have to watch your back more carefully around here.

Avoxes are the only unfortunate citizens of the city. Their apartment are simple and un-embellished, grouped together in one are at the edge of the city, and their lives full of hard labor. If you choose to play an Avox, you're life won't be...quite as sparkling as the rest of the citizens.

The Capitol is full of decadence and excess. No ones goes without, and usually go with more than they need. Currently the border to other Districts are closed except for government officials, but you'll have no reason to leave. You'll never be bored in the Capitol!

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We are in no way affiliated with the Hunger Games movie or book series. We are simply humble fans who wish to further explore the world of Panem. By no means do we consider ourselves experts in any way of the series canon. Nor do we intend to stick directly to the plot of the books. Our goal is to have fun and explore; all we are doing is inviting you along.

Questions? Good.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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