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➳ game-wide permissions post ┈┈・

    Please reply to this post with the following information about your character's permissions. Your comment will be linked to your entry in the player contact list so others may easily access it.

    Anytime anything changes you can reply to your original comment with the changes (if you aren't able to simply edit it for any reason.)

    Please be as descriptive as possible, however, "Yes, contact me to discuss details" is a perfectly valid answer. This is a way to start conversations for plotting, not avoid them!

    Backtagging: Do you mind someone tagging into things after they have passed in game?
    Threadhopping: Do you mind someone else popping into a thread unexpected?
    Fourthwalling/Canon Puncturing: Do you mind someone letting your character know they are fictional? About what happens to them in their future?
    Powers: Although these will generally be turned off, what is the scope of your characters powers?
    Offensive subjects (elaborate): Do you have any strong feelings on violent or sexual rps (Always fade to black, etc)
    Warnings: Anything not covered above? Is your character cannibalistic or xenophobic or anything else someone might want a head up on before stumbling on them?
    Extras: Do you have a more in depth permission post, a post for other characters to give you permission, or any post where players could find out more information about your character?

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[personal profile] rictator 2014-12-22 06:16 am (UTC)(link)
Character's names: Rick Grimes
Character's Canon: The Walking Dead
Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: Yes, so long as the other person is fine with it.
Fourthwalling/Canon Puncturing: So long as you talk to me first, sure.
Powers: None.
Offensive subjects: None.
Warnings: Like everyone else from his canon, Rick is infected with the virus that brings you back as a walker if killed. There are a few triggery subjects in his history (abortion, attempted rape), but the chances of him ever mentioning them are slim to none.
If you are a Tribute/Past Victor, are you comfortable with your character being bidded on? (Note: Your character must be 16+) Sure, though he probably won't come quietly.
Extras: HMD and Application.