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➳ reserves ┈┈・

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➳ reservations┈┈・ character applications here at The Games are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis and you must have a reservation in order to apply for an Offworlder.  in the event that we receive more applications than there are available spots, applications which do not require revisions will be given priority over applications which otherwise would have received a revision request.

Reservation and Application Rules.

All reserves will last 2 weeks from the time of the claim.
You may reserve up to 2 characters at any time.
Each player is allowed a total of 4 characters in-game, so long as each character meets activity check requirements. Exceptions can be made for more active players. Please consult the mods for details.
You must wait 2 weeks between each application submission.
We do not allow app challenges. You are free to reserve an alternate version of an already reserved or already in-game character, so long as you can present that they are significantly different from the another player's version. Please see our FAQ if you have any questions regarding this matter.
We will allow extensions on your reserves, so long as this does not get taken advantage of. Life snuck up on you, things got busy and you didn't get to your app, we totally understand. Just be considerate. It's all we ask.

Offworld Reservations. OPEN
OFFWORLD CAP: 100 Offworlders - 50 Offworlders per Side.
You must have a reservation before you put in an app for an Offworlder.
Any character from outside Panem (Hunger Games Universe/The Games Canon) MUST be apped as a offworld. After their first Battle serving the Capitol, you will have the option to be rolled for the Rebellion's side or get them into a cozy Capitol home, through the Offworlder Release program. Alternatively, characters native to Panem MAY NOT apply as a offworlder.

Panem Citizen Reservations. OPEN
There is no cap on characters native to the nation of Panem.
Capitol citizens, any character from The Hunger Games series, any OCs created for that world (Peacekeepers, Avoxes Propoganda stylists, Propoganda Directors, etc), and any character from another world AUed into the Hunger Games world. See this post for more information on apping a Hunger Games AU character.
If you are wanting to app as a past victor, canon or original, please specify this in the 'Offworlder or Capitol Citizen' area of the reserve form. They are merely considered a subset of the Capitol Citizen category, but will be asked an additional question in their application concerning their own Hunger Games.

➳ - - - - - - - R E S E R V A T I O N F O R M - - - - - - - ➳

Reserves are currently open to CAPITOL characters.
Accepted Natives will go to their respective sides; accepted Offworlders will arrive in the Capitol.
Reserves Listed



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Name| Lanie
Contact| Plurk: honorableshadow
Character Name| Nick
Fandom| The Walking Dead Game
Journal| [personal profile] fuckitall
Offworlder, District 13 Rebel, or Citizen of Panem?| Offworlder
Date of Reservation| 3/26